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  • Becoming Known As A Blogger | Storytelling

    I’m very private and have always shared the fun things that I have wanted to share. Like the rest of the world, we want to hide our deepest, most enter feelings, and only post the things that we are proud about. The prettiest selfie, the best award on the bragging poles, and achievements we feel that are closest to our hearts. Where does that get us? On the flip side, we are so quick at being judgmental to one another.  We are so quick to fly off the handle, especially when life isn’t treating us fairly. We will write a social media post that someone will take out of context and the next thing you know we have 33 comments that includes someone’s voice being spoken.  Where does that get us?

    Recently, I made a post about a f*ck cancer tee-shirt that was given to me in honor of my mothers battle. When I first read this comment, it made no sense to me. None. I actually rather giggled about it. Here is the comment:

    Y’all might love the shirt, but the audience that you are trying to get to embrace the movement may not. I take offense to it. I definitely don’t want my grand kids seeing it. I think your shooting yourself in the foot. I’m saving the image so that every time one of you wants to be taken serious, I’ll show them the picture. Makes you think about the phrase, “I guess Ovarian Cancer is weeding out the trash.” Just a thought”. 

    Of course, as a blogger I’m putting my personal life out for the world to view, but it’s what I’m choosing to allow you to see and view. You have no idea what someone’s soul holds. Do you see me pleading with my Jesus? Are you magically praying at night to help you disappear, to magically fast forward life into a time where I’m not confined of the horrors of cancer, depression, marriage, sin, parenting, and the rest of my life endeavors?  

    In my heart, I know what I feel, it’s how I’m coping with my feelings at the time. This is the process that is leading me to my own life’s work, passion, and my own campaign. So where does that get you? I’ll tell you where that gets me. It leaves me grateful for people like you. you have made it easy to fill this experience for a greater good. None of us spend enough time praising the things we love the most, but we’re often quick to mention other flaws. Just leave people be and allow them to do their own things. Annoyances and frustrations come and go, and we are so use to complaining that we forget to remember how awesome something can actually be. For some, I know this is really hard to do and may take a little more effort.

    As I’m getting my name across the blogging board these days, I understand that positive and negative flow is going to happen. I’m asking for it. I love having the ability to share on a blogging platform I have created. This is obviously publishing my thoughts, feelings, and other topics out there. Being able to inspire or help others through my new found world is not something I ever thought I would do, because I have always been the very shy, quite, and mostly private person. Now knowing that someones day is a little brighter because of viewing my picture is new to me. if I post something that offends you know that it wasn’t put on there to offend you, then you most be having the best day. just by-pass without judgements because that very same picture would have a huge empact on someone else that really wants to go tell cancer to F-OFF! This is what I want to do. I want people know that it’s ok to scream, cuss, if you have too. then the next morning you get up, start over and take a picture with a puppy. I adore these moments. I adore the good with the bad. I enjoy people I run into tell me how uplifting a post made them. Or the number one inspiration I get from feedback is, it makes me not complain so much see what your mother is going through. There is so much to learn in my new endeavors and this is a huge part of what keeps me driving forward. My mother hated this ad, my friends hated this ad, and you even may hate this add, but there is that one person who may come across this ad and be uplifted and that my friend is a good story to tell for a blogger like me.

    Side note: if you are reading this post and enjoy uplighting and fun people, be sure to go check out my friend Hannah’s blog. She is full of love and is super friendly, so go tell her Hi!

    Her Blog Here:


    She recently wrote a post that was really inspiring to read here:

    Are You Afraid

    Another favorite of mine is here:

    3 Easy Tips To Change Your Marketing Game

    Hop over to her Instagram here:

    Hannah Dumesnil

    Best Wishes,



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