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  • Harry Barker Inspired

    Controlling my life. Yep, this is what a puppy does to you. Like I needed one more thing to control a busy gal like me. Whelp, what’s one more chaos added to the bucket of nuts right? Newnan, a spirited little one you are! Within these short few weeks, you have already made your first appearance on a special Instagram feed; Harry Barker. 

    Harry Barker started when a former Ford model was recovering from Cushing’s disease; a life threatening and rare brain tumor. During her recovery, she focused on her love of dogs and textiles and, as a form of therapy, began creating dog beds, toys and robes for her friends pets.  A business was born and named after her beloved Sheltie. Today the company creates a range of product designed to improve the lives of pets and their people by using earth friendly fabrics, all natural ingredients for pet treats, biodegradable shampoos and green bed inserts made from 100% post consumer recycled plastics. Products include stylish FDA approved,food safe steel dog food storage canisters with handy aluminum scoops; food safe steel cat food storage canisters and food safe pet food storage containers with an elegant white finish. The pet food storage containers feature attractive graphics.

    Because of my love for special stories like these, it’s hard to purchase any other products for my Newnan. I can relate for my love of dogs and using Newnan as a form of therapy. You can check out Harry Barker products at Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and where I recently ordered from, Mission Pets. Head over to Harry Barker’s instagram feed to check out the brand. 

    Meanwhile, back at the pumpkin patch, Newnan and I did a little advertising and worked on getting use to his new leash. Let me just tell you how much I love this leash. The leash is pretty much a rope. It’s such a nice, heavy duty leash and it comes in all different colors. I also love this adorable little bag to pack extra treats  you know for when he makes a successful potty run! Being from Louisiana, thecanvas material has the perfect BonChien writing (BonChien is French for good dog) on the front of the bag, and a bonus is that it comes with a smaller pocket inside! Score! 

    So, now what do I do with all this positive chaos that I have happily brought upon myself with my BonChien?! I’m constantly on-the-go and I’m constantly looking for the next adventure. Here is a quick guide for training your new four-legged, traveling companion. 

    1. Picking Newnan was a BIG time move. He is going to be a BIG time dog, with a BIG time responsibility. When you are investing in a new dog, make sure to budget out what your next steps will be. Such as, food, training accessories, traveling expense, vet bills, boarding expense, etc. 
    2. When you are traveling with your side kick, such as a labradoodle like Newnan, you want to make sure you pack enough food, water, and treats. Newnan is still only a puppy, but he drinks a ton of water!    
    3. Know the history of your breed. Being a labradoodle is one of the reasons I wanted him so badly. He is a smart, lovable breed, and doesn’t mind how ridiculous I make him look for pictures 
    4. While traveling with a dog, keep in mind the amount of room your dog will take up! 
    5. Newnan already loves the water and isn’t shy when he comes to meeting new fans. Make sure your dog has a sweet traveling spirit. Never be forceful with your animal. 
    6. One of the reasons I have Newnan is for his intelligence. Newnan will be a service dog which means he will always be able to shoot in pretty much any location. 
    7. Get to know each other. Know what your animal is afraid of, the sounds and actions. No way, could I ever bring my sons dog anywhere. Our beloved Ryback shakes in his boots at just about anything! 
    8. Another question to keep in mind; will this animal be a protector for me? 
    9. The importance of investing in a good trainer will pay off in the long run. You should be able to trust your animal without a leash and know commands around traffic, people and other animals. 
    10. Top commands I want Newnan to learn: Sit. Stay. Come. Down. Leave it. 
    11. Take advantage of your local pet store classes! Normally, online websites have discounts and coupons. 
    12. Be consistent


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