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  • Hair Care

    Good morning! We are currently traveling back from Georgia on this beautiful Tuesday morning. We left with more cancer in my moms lungs, but our angel of a doctor was confident in her game plan. We added a new chemo in IV and another chemo pill to take on top of that. So for now, we have a little peace for Christmas. We will not return until mid January.

    I’m taking you back to the summer when I snapped these pictures on the products I use in my hair. I love, love, love, the Kevin Murphy line and wanted to share a little 101 hair care.

    1. Protein is key: the cuticle you’re losing is mostly made of keratin proteins. So any product, like a mask or treatment that infuses protein back into your hair will make it stronger.

    2. So is a heat protectant

    Overtime, blow-dryers and irons can weaken your hair, by putting a barrier between your hair and the tool, you’ll save yourself from damage down the line. I have stopped completely with harsh treatments, such as, dying, hot irons, and reframing from blow drying to long.

    3. Don’t ignore split ends.

    With time, split ends travel up the hair, forcing you to cut off more than you would have originally needed. A regular trim every six to eight weeks keeps damage in Check! I’m way over do for a trim! Guh!

    4. Don’t peel apart split ends! Peeling apart a split end damages your hair worse and spreads the damage further up the strand.

    5. Keys to healthy hair.

    Prevention – protection – healer – disguise

    Garner Whole Bends is a great prevention for detangling and affordable!

    L’Oréal Paris is a great affordable protection product for a sleek heating spray.

    Nexxus is another affordable product used as a healer. Five minutes on wet hair can help repair signs of damage.

    And lastly, SheaMoisture works great as a hydrating balm for an all over treatment.

    All of these guys would be perfect to share as a gift!

    Best Wishes,



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