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  • Find A Way For Your Passions To Serve Others

    So many dreams, so little time and I’m starting with my blog. I’m inspired by 2019 and I hope it’s just as rewarding in return.

    I have finally realized where I need to exists in the blogging world for this upcoming year, and I’m excited to share my passions. I want to start by serving others. I have found that helping others has been a gratifying feeling for me. No doubt, helping my mom through this cancer journey has satisfied me the most, but I want that to continue with my friends, and complete strangers into 2019. 

    I find that the simplest of things in life has brought me the greatest fulfillment. Simple things like cleaning and organizing. I’ve always had an eye for neatness. When others were paying attention in class, I was daydreaming of cleaning the bulletin broad.

    The other day, I spent the entire afternoon helping a dear friend organize and revive her bedroom. Then it dunged on me how much of a passion I have A. Seeing how organized and clean and B. for seeing my friend get excited.

    I want to do more of this type of service. Who knows what this will bring to the blog, as far as inspiration goes.

    Before and after pictures at it’s finest! 

    If you want me to help, you organize your closet, or clean around your home, hit me up! 

    Another form of passion I have always enjoyed has been decorating, from candy tables to hanging a beautiful painting on the wall. I just like to make things beautiful.

    Through my lovely friend and now through her quaint retail store, I’m able to share those passions and bring you inspiration ideas. 

    I’m so happy about this new adventure in 2019. 

    I enjoy inspiring others with an #ootd but that doesn’t mean you have to always find a new outfit to share, this is why I’m a lifestyle blogger. I want to bring you daily inspiration in all kinds of ways. 

    I will never be a top fashion influencer and my feed will never always be compatible with the last picture, but how will I serve others and inspire others through my passion for fashion?

    Items in my closet will be sale starting in 2019. High quality and affordable prices.

    Here are five basic tips for the upcoming year if you are looking to invest in a blog.

    1. Most important build your community over competition.If you are thinking about becoming a blogger know that the blogging world can be very harsh. Like anything else in life, there is always going to be that one person that will be an over-achiever no matter what career path you choice. Embrace them. Learn from them. Build your community with people who want you to succeed. 
    2. Invest in a good photographer. Have quality pictures for what you are trying to display is just as important as surrounding yourself with squad that helps make your blogging journey happen. 
    3. Live from your authentic core. Never write or post something just because it’s the latest trend. Feel confident in every word you write, believe in everything you post, and lastly be your real, true authentic self. 
    4. Practice a daily gratitude. Show yourself gratitude for putting your passions out there. Don’t be harsh on how you look. There have been so many times where I didn’t want to post a picture a photographer took for my blog, because I didn’t like the why a certain angle was shot. You can bet I’m going to post it anyways for the fact that A. I’m owning it, and B. I didn’t waste my money to have it just sitting in my photos. 
    5. Don’t be afraid. Also, as cliché as it sounds. Don’t be afraid of what anyone else thinks. People are always going to have an opinions. 
    Best Wishes
    Pictures inspired by downtown Newnan, Georgia, my mom and my beloved Newnan The Doodle



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