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  • Encourage Yourself More This Year

    Do you have a purpose for inspiration when someone connects to your feed?  Do you find a way for your passions to help serve others? This year I’m encouraging myself to create a roadmap for my journey to have a life-changing year! And you can too! Encourage yourself! Believe in yourself! Sometimes, New Year’s resolutions can feel more like a ball and chain than a new beginning. By the time you read this, you may well have already given up on one or two of yours. I’m throwing a few tips and ideas out on the blog today for you to stick with your dreams in 2019. 

     Take the time to decide what you actually want to do as opposed to what you feel you ought to do.  

    I know for me, I haven’t blogged but only once for the month of January. And that’s ok because I’m creating a vision, finding a purpose on what direction I want my blog to go this year. Yes, my mother is battling ovarian cancer but there is so much more to me, than “Kacie’s mom has cancer”. Of course, I want to share our journey but I don’t want it to consume my daily life.

     Take a break from a busy world that seems to be full of bad news. 

    Good gravy I can’t stand to turn on any channel now. If it’s not something real that is happening in the news, it’s fake law shows reenacting some sort of child abuse event. I literally can’t take it. What I have is finding more time to pray. If you have a hard time, try reconnecting with nature. You won’t regret getting off the couch. And heck, you might lose a few pounds while you’re at it.   

     Learn to let things go.

    Learn to let go of things and people that aren’t working in your life. Negativity is such an obstacle to personal growth. You still have an entire year to meet new friends along the way. Most people’s social life goes through cycles. One minute you find yourself at a dinner party, and then the next there doesn’t seem to be a soul around. Try being a volunteer this year in your local community. These work of kindness and enlighten you and inspire you. 

     Where to look for inspiration this year

    Inspiration is all around us we just have to stop being so busy in the moment. Try looking in local community newspaper,magazines in coffee shops, your favorite influencer on social media, whatever your hobby is give it your all! 

     Travel more 

    Yes I agree this can be difficult with busy schedules and more complicated than this, with your wallet. However, plan a little something to look forward to every other month. I’m not talking about big family vacations, but little gestures can go a long way and give you a fresh of breath air. Maybe every other month you and your husband go to a really nice restaurant, splurge on wine and dessert.  Or a short drive to a new city with your child to explore a new park. One of my favorite things to do is attend Mass in different Catholic churches. 

    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

    Here is what’s happening in my January and I would love to hear what is happening in your of January 2019. 

    Beauty: I found this awesome new lipstick by Smashbox: Smashbox Lipstick Here

    January book of the month: SugarDetoxMe

    Family: My Cousin came in from China and it was so inspiring to know that I’m her cousin. Her life journey is for from normal. You see, she works with her husband in Beijing. They are doctors who work with the Olympic teams that are currently there in training. They are not just any doctors though they are chiropractors who met at Palmer College of Chiropractic. What’s even more inspiriting to me is the fact that her and her husband work miles apart from each other as they train with different Olympians. She works with the archery team and her husband Ben works with the gymnastic team. Both are miles apart so kudos to them and what a great life journey to share together. Below is a few goodies she brought us. How beautiful are the hair sticks!

    Cancer: my mom flew to Atlanta by herself for the first time. She is still battling a mass in her lung but her CA125 went down 11 points. She is such a fighter! Before she took off in the air we captured this picture of us standing by a huge Mardi Gras tree at the airport

    Spiritual:   I’m currently in my 16th week of RCIA class on my own personal journey to receive my confirmation. 

    Fashion: I’m traveling every other month now to Baton Rouge and will start bring back a little mom fashion for you. Anna and I will shoot on the 19th and I can’t be more excited to be reunited with my fashion guru! 

    Community: I have some new material coming to the blog and will be adding fashion contributors for your new “Office Memo”!

    Newnan: Newnan now has his own Instagram page!!!! Go follow the doodle Here


    Best Wishes, 


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