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  • A Guide To The Guest House At Graceland | Purchasing Tickets And Extra Fees

    This past Christmas I surprised my mom with a trip to Graceland, so I thought it would be neat to share a guide I put together from our stay at Visit Graceland Hotel. You might find this useful if you ever decide to plan your trip here.

    I started by going to this website here: Graceland

    The website allowed me to bundle the package deal I wanted for our stay. I highly suggest bundling with the Ultimate VIP Tour. This allows you to spend private time together, without the hustle of a group tour. It’s a tad expensive, but I’m a firm believer if you are doing something that will last a lifetime of memories, please spend the extra money to experience everything your trip has to offer. One the website, you can find the best packages that tickle your fancy for your budget.

    ***purchasing the Ultimate VIP Tour also helps if you have someone with a disability. It will insure for a much easier time, without being rushed in a group setting.

    Once we reached the hotel we were bombarded by a valet parker, this was very annoying to my mom and I, as we were trying to gather our thoughts from the drive. He was very pushy, so beware that as-soon-as you drive up, the workers are very money hungry for tips!! My mother and I noticed this right off-the-bat.

    Tip 1: Valet Parker

    ***the valet parker then gives your bags to the bellhop

    Tip 2: Bellhop

    Reaching the front desk you will receive your room keys, you will then have to make your way to the hotel gift shop, and that is where you will receive your tickets to Graceland.

    ***suggestion: please verify your tickets with the right package you purchased. They made a mistake on my tickets, as they had a lower package deal that was different from my confirmation. There are several types of package deals. So important!

    Now, the hotel rooms are AWESOME, beautifully decorated in Elvis decor. Once settled in, we made our way back downstairs, as there are a few restaurants and bars. We ended up eating at a restaurant called, EPs Bar & Grill.

    What we ordered:

    White bean hummus: grilled pita bread, petit baby carrots and cucumbers.

    BBQ ribs, southern collard greens, cole slaw

    Grilled sirloin, garlic bread, whipped potatoes, asparagus,

    ***we recommend that you do NOT get a sirloin. The size is equivalent to a small slice of brownie. It’s not worth the money.

    It took so long to get our order that my mom ended up going back to the room before she even text her meal.

    DAY TWO:

    On day two we had a little complication (STILL) with our package deal as we didn’t receive everything included in the Ultimate VIP Tour.

    Note: please make sure you get free breakfast with your UVIP package.

    Once this was straighten out, we had a buffet style breakfast and the service was horrible. Took us forever to get refills/service….

    Morning breakfast tip

    After breakfast we wanted for the shuttle that would carry us to the Elvis museum….

    Shuttle tip

    Once we made it to receive our lanyards, we had to take another shuttle to the mansion.

    Shuttle tip number 2

    The only good thing about this is that since we were UVIP it was a private shuttle.

    Once we toured the mansion we had to wait on another shuttle to bring us back to the museum.

    Shuttle tip number 3

    Once we finished touring the 4 hour tour we had a late lunch on site of the museums. My mom was extremely exhausted, as there was so much to look at. Each section of the museum has a total of 9 gift shops at each exhibit. And because she was so exhausted we ended up waiting for a shuttle to take us back to the hotel without touring any of the planes.

    So we sat and wanted for our 4th shuttle of the day. Which yeah you guessed it, another tip in route!

    Shuttle tip number 4

    By the time we arrived back in our room we decided we ain’t tipping anymore. For get that!

    I realized how calculated the process of keeping Graceland in business actually was/is.

    I would like to end this guide by saying, although it was rather expensive I still recommend staying at The Guesthouse.

    Graceland is in a horrible location in Memphis. The Guesthouse Hotel has a wrap around fence secured by guards night and day, with a padded lock parking lot.

    I will be posting more pictures and guides soon

    Kacie Carlson


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