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  • The Mansion Experience Of Graceland | Part 1 Rooms In The Mansion

    Saturday morning I woke up to my mom in bed. She began to cry and this is what she said to me, “I think I have anxiety, I’m excited. I can’t believe I’m really about to walk in Elvis Presley’s home”.

    I said, “well it’s happening dude! Calm down and just enjoy your time, mom.”

    We arrived by a VIP shuttle.

    It took us in the back of the mansion, which led us into a small room, where we watched a film of Elvis’s life. I couldn’t help but watch my mom instead. She teared up as we were watching the film.

    I knew in this moment, we would experience a mother/daughter trip like no other. It was literally a dream come true for her.

    After we watched a short film, we entered the front of the mansion, which led us into the formal sitting room.

    She took her time and thought of everything you could ever imagine. She turned to me and said, “I see where it’s dirty on the bottom of the couch, I’m sure it’s from Elvis and his visitors playing music all the time in here.” Only my mother would think this.

    It was truly a beautiful white room full of history.

    Next we were guided into Gladys room. She had adorable pink poodle wallpaper in her bathroom and if you look close you can see her clothes still hanging in the closet.

    Following along the staircase, directly across from the ‘white room’ was the dinning room.

    My mom was the cutest thing ever, listening to her headset.

    Around the corner was the kitchen and this was probably my favorite room of all.

    Jungle Room

    To the right of the Jungle Room was another staircase proceeding down, to what look like a basement of the mansion. This included the TV Room and game room.

    Going down the staircase was an entire wall of glass mirrors. Like a 1970 fun house!

    My mom said, Elvis was a huge animal lover, especially monkeys and horses.

    You wouldn’t believe how much my mom knows about Elvis. She is literally full of fun facts of the king of rock

    When touring the mansion you are handed an iPad that shares pictures and a little history from each room as the voice of John Stamos guides you.

    In the background you can hear special sounds and voices from Elvis and his family throughout the years.

    This is the first of many post I’ll be sharing of our trip to Graceland.

    Best Wishes,



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