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  • Thinking Of Starting A Bible Study?! We Are Here To Help | Spiritual Parenting Study Group Session 1

    Posting twice in one day, because I have that much I want to share!

    I was asked to join a bible study group a few weeks ago, and thought this was the perfect opportunity to share the book we are discussing. The book is called, “Spiritual Parenting” by Michelle Anthony. If you have read this book please chime in and let me know in the comments.

    Our bible study group has a legit study guide with work books, a short film usually lasting 15 minutes a session, and lots of food, surrounding by fellowship! ***Also, I forgot to mention I’m the only Catholic in the group! All of the 17 ladies attend one particular church together, everyone has been so welcoming and I appreciate their hospitality as I enter the group each Friday. This is, in fact, what I love about bringing the different authenticity to each other’s love we share through Christ.

    I will be sharing our groups “AHA Moments” such as,

    • Our group questions and reflections.
    • Things that have stuck out to us| to me.
    • Quotes and bible verses.
    • Much more!!

    S E S S I O N 1


    Have you ever heard of this before? It’s call LAPS and this was a phrase that stuck out during my ” AHA Momemt”.

    L – learn …. learn through your mentors

    A – apply … apply your thoughts

    P- practice … practice your habits. Your work habits.

    S – Spirit … in everything you do, invite Him.


    1. How might you come alongside and support what the Holy Spirit is doing?

    • Model
    • Be Consistent
    • Surrender

    Here I wanted to share something my bible study friend did: since we all have books we are reading, she wrote her favorite verse on the side of her book! What an awesome idea. Check it out!

    Quotes that stuck with me:

    “Faith is based on a strong belief from a heart of self surrender

    “Fall in love with Jesus, and the world will look less attractive”

    Parenting from a spiritual perspective with eternity in mind”

    “We are not the SUM of our weakness or our failures……..Christ is”

    “A purpose and a direction take time”

    “In the end we always become what we choose”

    Some of these quotes are not directly from the book, I have gathered many sources of inspiration throughout my week from daily Mass, devotion journals, and much more.

    I would like to share some personal quotes from our “groupme” app that have touched or inspired each other through our conversations. And I’m sure they won’t mind me sharing and spreading the love through this post.

    Tip: if you are looking to start a bible study group, I highly suggest the “groupme” app.

    Tip: if you are searching putting together a Spiritual bible study group, please make sure you are surrounded yourself with uplifting and inspiring people. Here are so examples on how to uplift someone right from our own words…

    Tip: gather source of that inspire you and share with your group throughout the week…

    Which mom are you?!

    so much more to come my friends!

    Best Wishes,


    Are you currently in a group? We would love to hear from you and your thoughts on how you parent your child through Christ!


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