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  • Spiritual Parenting session 2 | Built His House On The Rock

    We all want our children to be grounded on a solid foundation so that when the storms of life beat down hard on them, they will endure.

    I am thankful for a faithful community. God designed us to live in community and to experience Him in ways that can happen only in proximity to one another. The faith community create an environment to equip and disciple parents, to celebrate Gods faithfulness, and to bring a richness of worship through tradition and rituals that offer children an identity. This is the truth because this is how I’m trying to model and reflect how special a faithful community is to me.

    We’re creating environments so that we open our homes and our children’s lives to the Holy Spirit, so He can do His work in them. When you fellowship and invite people in your home, for instance like a bible study night, your children can see that.

    *** for example:

    I love Cameron saying the blessing for us. It’s teaching him our Catholic heritage. So hopefully one day I’ll be able to see him pass the baton on to his children.

    I also love the fact, Cameron can see me socialize with other churches and Christians who do not go to the same church as we do. One of my favorite quotes from session 2 is, “we were never ask to patent alone.” This stuck with me while thinking of my “AHA Moment” this week. I know this quotes reflects Jesus is always with us, but also knowing we have a community we can turn too when feeling overwhelmed or alone. And that my friends, is another reason why I created this blog!

    Best Wishes,


    “For all have sinned and fall short of glory of the glory of God” Romans 6:23

    Quotes that stuck out from the book:

    • He chose to use the family as the primary place to nurture faith.
    • How it happens is a mystery. That’s the supernatural work on the Holy Spirit
    • You were never asked to parent alone.
    • We all go through a season of pain.
    • Vision of a corrected path with the purpose of healing.
    • God is using every persons life and is creating an unique story that deserves to be told for Gods glory.

    Parenting Tips:

    • Take baby steps each day to enter a deeper and deeper relationship with God and to align our will and actions to His. This is obedient faith.
    • Stand firm
    • We learn together, with our children each and every time a situation my arise.

    From a Catholic perspective when I answered the questions for session 2:

    1. Building up the atmosphere

    • A freely, faithful, honor thy mother and father, fruitful atmosphere. Dream goals

    2. Family life desires

    • A love that is without a doubt fruitful which reminded me of this bible quote: ” and some seed fell on good soil, and sprouted and grew, and produced a fruit hundredfold”.

    3. What behaviors do you want your family to demonstrate?

    • Good values
    • Forgiveness
    • Humble
    • Temperament
    • Generosity
    • Obedience
    • Inheritance

    4. What goals do you have for your child at various stages in their life?

    • This question was a no brainer for me as I my goal for Cameron is to compete and honor all the 7 Sacurments of our faith.

    And lastly this was probably another AHA Moment I personally learned during my RCIA journey trying to receive my confirmation. Which is this:

    We as parents always have to try and keep hold the sabbath day, because if we don’t, we will forget and we can’t possibly be able to do it on our own. And if we forget keeping Holy the sabbath day, what chances do our children have?!


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