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  • The 5 Very Best Places To Eat In Beaumont, Texas While Saving You Travel Ball Bucks At The Ball Park

    This past weekend Xtreme was at it again! We traveled to Ford Park located in Beaumont, Texas. The boys took a leap in stats, which made them a triple AAA ball team. This past weekend they held their ground against some influential teams. 

    Saturday morning Xtreme kicked things off playing a team called the SWTX Mizunos. The Mizunos are ranked as a “Major” category team and unfortunately, the Mizuno’s shut us down 7-1. 

    However, Xtreme never backed down as they kept their spirits high coming into the second game beating another “Major” category team called Diablos. 

    Xtreme lost out the first round of the tournament Sunday morning, but as the coaches have repeatedly told our boys, it’s not about the number of wins, it’s about having fun and taking the experience and lessons learned home. 

    To cap off our baseball weekend, With the recap of our weekend ending, I have put together a little travel guide with places to eat and even some places to spoil you around the Ford Park, because let me tell you, you will not spoil yourself inside the park! This past Saturday I spent $10 on a BBQ brisket burger  DRINK NOT INCLUDED  If that isn’t highway robbery I don’t know what is! Good gravy! 

    Why not save your ball park cash and visit a local eatery.  I’ve listed some restaurants in the area with some of their signature dishes that would definitely be well worth your bucks!


    1.  Amelia Farm and Market beautiful outside dining and a great place for brunch.

    2. Crown Pizza – kid friendly atmosphere.

    3. La Cantina Mexican Restaurant

    4. Broussards Link Plus Ribs – plate lunch’s

    5. Pappadeauxs – calming atmosphere for a more expensive quality food. My personal favorite to bring my mother.

    These are my top five places that may help you decide when wanting to spend on ballpark food OR saving your cash for a better place to eat while traveling.

    There is one that I want to add and I’ve been saving this for the very last place. It’s called, Twin Peaks

    Somehow, I always get roped in by eating here. I have always joked that I’m just like a banana and hang with the bunch, but this is not where I want to normally eat at.

    If you’re not familiar with this place, it’s like a Hooters, but, to me, it’s trashier. The little girls dress like “lumber jacker sluts” and serve your food, while their bodies are on display for tips, viewing, etc.

    With the “me too” generation we are raising our sons in, I’m seriously becoming appalled by always choosing to eat at Twin Peaks after or during game times.

    Let me make this clear, that I realize it’s all in “good fun” and I could give a rats ass if my husband goes there, HOWEVER, when it comes to my son, I don’t want to raise him as viewing women/girls as “objects“. I believe this is disrespectful as I’m transitioning from raising a little boy to a teenager.

    I would love to know how or why you choose to go? If you go to places like these? What are your views as a mother? Are you like me and just go with the flow or do you feel guilty when you leave?

    Best Wishes and happy eating,

    Kacie Carlson


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