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  • What Fear Doesn’t Want You To Know Or Do

    This baseball season is weird to me. The weather has been weird. The vibes from yo-yoing from a double -A team to a triple-A team has been, well … weird to me. I don’t know if I’m enjoying it or not. I say that because I’m not enjoying watching how fearful my son has become on the field. I can see fear controlling his every move. There he is, batting and fielding, miserably not giving it his all. Which is all unnecessary because he is afraid of the discomfort that comes with facing his fears and never challenging himself beyond his mind of learning a new skill. 

    The sad thing about this weird baseball season is, as I’m sitting there with my mom watching him, it’s a mirror image of  myself, and I know it’s one of the single most hardest lessons he will have to learn as an adult, much less, as a child and the importance of learning to be comfortable. However, my husband and I refuse to allow this to happen to our child. We both have babied him, sheltered him from the world, because …. he is our baby boy and what else is there to do when you love someone so much —- you want to protect them?!


    You want to do everything for them because you love them so much. The reality of this is taken a hard look at the root of his anxieties and insecurities and realizing we are only hurting him worse than we ever thought. 

    The weekend was a breaking point for us. As we, both decided to come together for a more constructive discipline that will hopefully allow Cameron to push through his fears. We have allowed this to go on for far too long and as Cameron is about to reach a new stage in his life the “teenage” years, you know the years of fear that so many teenagers face. 

    Fear of not being liked.

    Fear of making the wrong choice.

    Fear of drawing negative attention.

    Fear of overreaching.

    Fear of being judged.

    Fear of failure.

    How many kids actually pass on opportunities because they feel that they simply can’t deliver? 

    Most of all, from previous perceived failures, when actually these occurrences could be viewed as personal growth for them.  

    Personally, Cameron struggles with constant worry with not believing in himself and becoming overwhelmed that he isn’t good enough. (My sweet Cameron I know this all too well) I hope that if you read this one day that you can learn from your mom and know that fear puts you right back in the middle of the game, striking out and not truly enjoying these memories.

    Fear makes you frozen.

    It hides your heart of who you truly are meant to become. 

    I do know that we can’t dissolve our fears completely (that’s life) but if you learn to face them head on with hard work and looking beyond the negative attitude that fear places in your mind, you came become truly amazing. 

    What is really holding you back? Fear?! Discomfort?

    Best Wishes, 
    Kacie Carlson

    Game Update: this weekend we ended up winning the tournament taking first in the governor games. Our boys played 3 outstanding games back-to-back on Sunday with the last game running into extra innings, which ultimately led bringing in the gold!

    “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake youDeuteronomy 31:6


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