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  • But First … A Dream Patio

    It’s demo day for this girl!

    When I first stepped foot on my property there were no flowers, no trees, and barely any cement. It was dirt all around our home, so one of the very first “dream” projects I wanted was a patio, but unfortunately, it never fell within my budget. Life happened and it was always pushed to the back burner. I did have a few budget-friendly ideas from time-to-time, but nothing like I’d envision.

    It wasn’t until recently that I started chatting with my very best gal pal, about how I needed something for myself. A place where I could have a glass of wine, meditate, and mostly a place I could pray for my mom, my family, and myself.

    My very best gal pal Mandy, then introduced me to an up-and-coming, “project manager” that she knew very well. So he drafted up some plans and began tearing up the dirt for this girls dream to come true. It’s happening and I can’t describe my joy I have to see my reality come to life.

    I’m becoming very familiar with vision boards lately and setting goals for myself. I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for the important people the Lord has placed in my life over the course of months.

    Above is a picture of a corn plant my mom first gave me about 12 years ago. It was massively tall until it became saturated with an abundance of rain one year and then broke off. Thankfully it has made a full recovery and has came back year after year. So seeing it like this makes me sad, but hopefully I’ll be able to savage it and replant in its new forever home soon.

    Ok the envision of my patio will hopefully consist with shades of peach and pinks. This color literally fills in my imagination daily with patio decor and gardening. I’m anticipating the wonderful process, with hopes that it turns out half as good as my mind sees it.

    My patio will be a refreshing outdoor space where family and friends can gather for social hour, cocktail hour, or for anyone who wants to ditch their busy lives and chill for hours on end with me.

    Of course, I can’t just have any old patio. This will be the patio of all coziness. A style that Ive been wanting to bring to my yard for many years now.

    A vision with beautiful white wood, screened in windows from every corner, and french, stained doors that open to an airy refreshing space. Two huge sparkling lanterns that hang from each side of the entrance way, with the sound of water following from the side, all while being greeted with the smell of fresh cedar.

    Along the backside of the screened in porch will be a separate space for my dreamy fall and winter nights, a place where I can light the fire with a glass of wine and glaze into the stars.

    My other dear friend, knows someone who is very talented in the wood carvings business, and has made a beautiful outdoor table for my new patio project. This will be a blog all on its own coming soon, but below is some of the details what will garnish the inside of my outdoor space.

    I’ve waited along time to have a little happiness and I’m so grateful to my Jesus for allowing some pretty special people in my life. I’m working on many different projects right now and it doesn’t feel like I’m making any progress on most days, but when I look back at how God has given me such an amazing platform to build and grow through my blog, I can’t imagine where I would be if I wouldn’t have cried out for help and been patient for His timing.

    But for now, we are starting with digging up the ground and laying the concrete foundation.

    I’m very thankful to Him for allowing my mom to still be apart of all my life endeavors.

    Best Wishes,


    ***Newnan is just itching to dig to China in all that dirt


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