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  • 13 Ways To Influence Others Through Social Media

    I just finish scrolling through social media, and came across a bio that read, “Don’t request to follow me if you don’t know me. I ‘m not interested in what you’re selling”.

    (Insert crying, laughing emoji here please!) This bio made me chuckle, because a few months back this was SO me! I didn’t care about your side business and your annoying live stories you share on your feed. And now I feel like I have something to say about this …

    It’s certainly an interesting society we live and it’s a big change from today’s social media feeds. Friends, family, and our neighbors next door are no longer sharing personal pictures without some sort of sales pitch attached.

    Now, I too have been making the change along these lines. And honestly I never would have thought I would be #thatgirl

    I get it though. I get if you’re passionate about something, you want the world to know about something that has affected you greatly. I’m very passionate about the things I have discovered in such a dramatic way. And to be honest, it’s really pleasant to think of something else besides cancer and misery all the time.

    You see, because of cancer, I could see the poor lifestyle I was allowing my body to become. It was impacting my blood pressure, my eating habits, my depression was getting worse, and my health was seriously a spiraling downward tunnel. Not to mention I could see my dad in me.

    Not only do I have one body, but I also have one dad and one mom, so showing them how I could change around my eating habits was going to be epic. BUT HOW! HOW WOULD I DO THIS!! So I reached out to the only doctor I trusted with my entire hearth and soul. Then it began. My journey. My life journey I’ve been waiting for thought nutrition.

    I was a part of a tribe. I beautiful tribe of passionate people who’ve had great success changing lives. I was a part of this! ME! Little ole me! It made me happy. Something I haven’t felt in a long time. Happiness.

    So now here I am sharing and becoming #thatgirl on your social media feeds. Trying to impact the community, family, friends, and people like YOU who are looking for a successful plan of becoming the best versions of themselves!

    So here are my own options if you’re looking to influence others through social media

    • Eliminate distractions. This is huge for your viewers. We don’t want to see a chaos in the background. *Kids, husbands, pets, and noises
    • Look presentable.
    • Lighting is everything.
    • Have a pleasant background.
    • Don’t be self-absorbed.
    • Have a purpose or a plan and get your point across.
    • Be a POSITIVE light for others
    • Never trash talk others or never trash talk other brands
    • Don’t overly post
    • Be resilient in everything you believe in
    • Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone *taking notes from myself, as I’ll be going live soon
    • Don’t be afraid to go off script
    • Keep it simple

    Here is an example: Here

    How do you grow your social media business?


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