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  • 25 Things With Newnan That Doodle

    It’s been one year since my life changed in the dog world. Newnan and I were introduced and to say the least about him, he is a rare breed all on his own. He is a Labradoodle that excessed well over the 100 pound mark. In fact, I’m only about 10 pounds heavy than he is. There have been long days filled with sunshine, and there have been days filled with dark clouds, but through it all over this past year, Newnan has been by my side. Newnan has filled something deep in the depths of my heart, yes, we have a little lap dog that we love dearly, but something about this BIG, gawky animal has my life a little bit happier. I thought it would be right to dedicate a post to him, as he is my picture taken, blogging pal. Here are 25 things I love about my Newnan. 

    1. Whatever emotions I’m sharing with him that day, he can always put a smile on my face, and most days it’s a full out belly laugh calling my mom. “MOM, let me tell you what Newnan did”. 
    2. He has the nickname “Big Stup” short for stupid. Some days, I find myself laughing at him, and really looking into those human like eyes saying, “you’re so stupid”!! 
    3. He trips over his own paws, and don’t you ever turn your back on this gorilla. He will dig in the trash, drink from toilet, or have toilet paper hanging from his mouth. 
    4. Newnan loves toys like balls, but he is especially into socks. I don’t know what it is, but this dude will walk around just carrying a sock. He just carries it. 
    5. Newnan does have a few tricks he has learned. He can catch just about anything in his mouth, plays fetch, and can make 6 hamburger patties disappear in 2.5 seconds. 
    6. We are still working on the manners, because he has none. If you’re coming to visit he will greet you with sniffs, and then want to get in your lap. Welcome to the fun house. 
    7. He can open doors for you. true story 
    8. Newnan is the size of a grown man. Pictures really don’t do justice for the dog. If he were to greet a grown 5’8 man, he would stand head length with his paws on your shoulders. He’s amazing. 
    9. During the work week, he knows to kennel in the laundry room, and exactly what it means when I pick up our little black dog. 
    10. No matter wait, or who, Newnan will enter a door before anyone else. Doodles first please. He is a bit spoiled and rude to the little dog, but never aggressive.
    11. He is boarded often, and does very well at the vets office. 
    12. Now, my house is always clean, because I’m always cleaning. Always. And Newnan is always right there following me. 
    13. He follows me everywhere. doesn’t matter if I’m going to the bathroom. There. Going to bed. There. Watching TV. There. He has to see me and know I’m by him. 
    14. Newnan was in the wreck with me, and ever since then he has anxiety about riding in the vehicles. He shakes so badly.  
    15. He started off blogging with me since he was a puppy. He was so much fun to tote around, but now OMG it’s harder then I realized trying to pack him. So he isn’t in much blogging post with me, but from time-to-time he will make appearances. 
    16. Every morning Newnan stretches and bellows out a loud, “good morning” hawl. It’s awesome. He is awesome. 
    17. For his first birthday party I was planning on having an awesome McDonalds party. It was going to be epic, but then we got healthy. Sorry Newnan. 
    18. He doesn’t shed. He is the softest, cuddle beast around. 
    19. Newnan will never get neutered. Yay Newnan for having me as an owner! J
    20. I love his nose. 
    21. He loves the water. He is very good at getting in the bathtub and sitting still. Good boy Newie
    22. My life is healthier with Newnan
    23. Newnan will be starting dog school. I don’t know when, but it’s in the future book of Newnan 
    24. He has a mean bark. So watch out! 
    25. Newnan loves me categorically 😊

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