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  • Bark Park  pitter-patter

    Recently Newnan and I attended the grand opening of our local dog park called, Beauregard Bark Park. It was just how I envisioned it would be for Newnan. He came home happy and tired.

    Rewind to this past Saturday morning where it all began at the PAW-arde that led to the grand opening dog lovers across the parish was waiting for. The only thing that wasn’t in our favor was the weather! BUT that didn’t stop Newnan. In fact, I think that made him more hype for the festivity! The dog ran, and ran, and ran. And just when you thought he couldn’t run anymore, he RAN some more! He was so proud. Just look at that proud doodle boy standing tall during the ribbon cutting! He was born to be a certified dog blogger!

    Newnan is way over 100 pounds, but has the best personality you could ever imagine for his size of a dog, which makes me keep in mind that not all humans and their dogs are like us! I’ve always said Newnan and I march to the drum of our own beat, so pretty much having the same personalities, we like to socialize, laugh, and have a good time wherever we go! So with a dog like Newnan he makes me have to monitor him more. Newnan enjoys all various breeds and sizes of dogs, and plays very well with others. Newnan likes to inspect your dog. Meaning, in a nice way, he wants to sniff butts. So with this being said, like Newnan, some dogs enjoy playing more than others do and unfortunately, not all dogs have fun at the dog park.  I have put together a little post if you’re a dog mom snob, or an over protective dog mom, or if you’re a dog mom bully, OR if you’re just a plan ole’ dog mom that enjoys a good dog blog post!

    1. If other dogs are at the park before you get there OR if you see another dog approaching to join the fun, be cautious of personalities and do a scan of the environment.

    2. Keep your dog on a least until you can get them conformable for playtime, specially dogs who are a little scarred-ish and/or afraid.

    3. If a dog comes over to “inspect” watch the body language of not only the inspector, but the inspectee! Sometimes, when dogs are unsure or afraid, they snap. And this is just a defense because they are nervous or afraid.

    4. Constantly keep an eye on your pet. If playtime becomes toheated, like children, our pets need a timeout or break.

    5. The loving owners that we are always watch for signs of danager. This sounds silly, BUT you are the advocate for your dog and the protector over your dog, meaning, whatever happens it’s on YOU!  If something doesn’t feel right and you have negative vibes, leave the park.

    6. Schedule playdates so dogs can get to know one another better this way we all can get to know each other better.

    7. Read over local dog park rules.

    We might not be dog professionals, but we are all loving owners who simply want their dogs to get some exercise and have a good time!

    Best Wishes,

    Kacie Carlson



    1. Sandra Kyle
      October 31, 2019 / 4:21 pm

      i love this Kacie, the pictures are adorable

      • carlson.kacie@yahoo.com
        November 1, 2019 / 10:56 pm

        Thank you so much ms sandy!!

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